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Office of the Auditor General of Canada / Bureau du vérificateur général du Canada

Procurement and Contracting Advisor


downtown2017-AUD-60 -1512112

Job Description


Job Opportunity Advertisement

Selection Process Number


Position Title

Procurement and Contracting Advisor




$58,891 to $72,460 (2013 rate - under review)



Type of Advertisement



Intent / Result of this process: The immediate need is to staff an indeterminate position in Ottawa. A pool of candidates may be established and may be used to staff similar positions of various tenures and/or linguistic profiles at the Office of the Auditor General (OAG).


Area of selection


Open to: Persons residing in Canada and Canadian citizens residing abroad.


Closing date: 28-May-2017 at 11:59 p.m. ET

Join a dynamic organization and contribute to ensuring that Canada's federal and territorial governments are answerable and productive.

As Procurement and Contracting Advisor, you will:


  • Advise and assist OAG employees on contracting and procurement matters while ensuring compliance with applicable policies and regulatory requirements.


  • Review requisitions for goods, services and software and recommend appropriate procurement strategies for processing requisitions based on subject matter expertise.


  • Oversee, facilitate and administer the bidding process by taking appropriate measures to promote fairness, openness and transparency.


  • Develop draft procurement and contract documents of varying complexity as appropriate to ensure the OAG obtains value for money and that business requirements are met. 


  • Prepare reports on purchasing and contracting activities to respond to internal and mandatory external reporting requirements.


  • Conduct analyses to identify risks, unusual items or other matters of interest.


Information you must provide:

Candidates must submit a maximum 2 page CV and a maximum 2 page cover letter indicating how they meet the education and each of the experience requirements. It is not sufficient to only state that the qualifications are met or to provide a listing of current or past responsibilities. Candidates must clearly demonstrate how, when, and where the essential qualifications were met through substantiation by examples.

Essential Qualifications:

Education: A post-secondary degree/diploma from a recognized university or community college or an acceptable combination of education training and/or experience.  


  • Recent* experience providing advice and support to clients at all levels (including senior management) on contracting and procurement matters of varying complexity
  • Recent * experience in preparing and reviewing contractual and procurement documents for tendering, evaluation and selection of suppliers
  • Recent * experience in resolving contracting and procurement issues
  • Recent * experience utilizing computerized financial systems
  • Recent * experience in managing competing deadlines and priorities


*Recent experience is defined as experience gained within the last 5 years.



  • Completion of the Supply Chain Management Professional (SCMP) Designation Program accredited by the Supply Chain Management Association (SCMA)


Language Requirements: Bilingual Imperative, BBB/BBB


This is a bilingual imperative appointment process, which means that a person must meet the language requirements at the time of appointment. If required, HR will arrange for second language testing as part of the selection process in order to ensure candidates receive priority treatment for testing dates. Candidates will be entitled to take OL tests once during this competitive process. *IMPORTANT NOTE: Only Second Language Evaluations (SLE) and results of the Public Service Commission (PSC) will be recognized as valid.


Conditions of Employment/ Reliability and Security: Enhanced


Competencies that may be evaluated through a written exercise, structured interview and/or reference check verifications:


Integrity and respect

Exemplifies ethical practices, professionalism, and personal integrity; creates respectful and trusting work environments where sound advice is valued. Encourages the expression of diverse opinions and perspectives while fostering collegiality. Is self-aware and seeks out opportunities for personal growth.


Technical subject matter expertise

Applies business knowledge and skills, knowledge of applicable professional standards and tools, and knowledge of administrative practices, legislation, and policies to provide practical and accurate advice to stakeholders and to uphold the OAG’s expert standing.


Personal effectiveness and project management skills

Independently establishes a course of action for themselves—and for others, at more senior levels—to accomplish projects and organizational objectives by prioritizing and allocating time and resources effectively.


Personal and people development skills

Engages with colleagues; builds mutual understanding of shared goals and the means by which they will be achieved; offers and asks for help; gives and receives constructive feedback; and actively coaches and develops others.


Strategic thinking, rigorous analysis, and sound judgement

Identifies and gathers relevant evidence, conducts appropriate analysis, and draws on broad knowledge and experience of the topic to form an independent, balanced, and sound opinion and/or decision.


Productive and collaborative relationships with partners and stakeholders

Effectively establishes rapport and strong working relationships with internal and external stakeholders and OAG colleagues by being responsive and taking into account others’ perspectives and working styles.


Innovation and ability to guide change

Creates an environment that supports bold thinking, experimentation, and intelligent risk-taking. Uses setbacks as a valuable source of insight and learning. Takes change in stride, aligning and adjusting milestones and targets to maintain forward momentum.


Clear and influential communication

Expresses information and opinions, in writing and verbally, in a way that is compelling, persuasive and, appropriate to the audience.


Organizational Needs:

The OAG is committed to building a skilled, diverse workforce reflective of Canadian society. As a result, it promotes employment equity and encourages candidates to indicate voluntarily on their application if they are a woman, an Aboriginal person, a person with a disability or a member of a visible minority group.



Candidates must meet all essential qualifications to be appointed.
It is the candidate’s responsibility to clearly demonstrate in their application how they meet the essential qualifications (education and experience).
A top-down screening approach may be undertaken at each step of the process. Applicants who meet the essential qualifications may be ranked according to the depth and breadth of experience they possess. Only the top ranking candidates would be invited to the assessment phase of the process.
Asset qualifications may be a deciding factor in choosing the person to be appointed.
The essential and asset qualifications will be assessed through applications. It is the candidates’ responsibility to provide appropriate examples that illustrate how they meet each qualification. Failing to do so could result in applications being rejected.
Candidates with foreign credentials must provide proof of Canadian equivalency at the time of application. Failing to do so could result in their application being rejected.
Interviews may be administered. They may be conducted via videoconference or teleconference.
A written examination may be administered.
References will be required at the time of interview. The name, title, phone number and email address of 2 supervisors will be required. These referees must not be in a conflict of interest.
Successful candidates must meet and maintain the Conditions of Employment at the time of appointment and throughout their employment.
The selected persons will be required to provide proof of their education credentials, in the form or a diploma or official transcript (original documents only).


Contact Information

Office of the Auditor General of Canada / Bureau du vérificateur général du Canada
Tania Gratton
Adjointe administrative ressources humaines
Posting Date: 18-May-2017Administration Permanent, Full-Time $58,891 - $72,460/yr 1 ASAP
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