6 Tips for Establishing a Supply Chain Mentorship Program

Jul 24, 2018

Jul 24, 2018

Having a strong Supply Chain Mentorship program will not only help new talent gain valuable networking and relationship skills but also move forward in their careers.

Here are five tips for establishing a killer mentorship program that will benefit everyone, including your company.

1. Establish Program Objectives and Guidelines

The key to completing any successful project is setting realistic goals for yourself. The same is true for creating a mentorship program.

Write out a list of objectives that you want to meet, and structure your program around these goals.

2. Everyone Has Different Needs

You have to remember that everyone has different needs and talents. Find out what everyone wants to get out of your program, and build it around them in order to meet their needs and wants.

Ask them what they need, if what you're doing is working, and plan with them. Their input is important for a successful program. They might not meet all your expectations and that's okay. Don't lay on added pressure.

3. Senior Leaders are Essential

Your executives should play a role in your mentorship program. Leaders should meet with program members at least once a month to mentor.

Once employees are done with your program, you should reach out to them and ask them to be mentors to those just starting out in your program.

4. Pair Mentor/Mentee

You can have your mentees train in a group environment, but a lot can be said about one on one attention. There are a few programs that you can use to match mentors to mentees.

These programs can also track meetings, establish goals, and measure results. If you don't have access to these programs you can always create documents in Microsoft office to track it as well.

Choose a tracking method that best suits the needs of you and your mentees and refer to the data often.

Having this on hand will help you constantly improve your program.

5. Be Consistent

Always be consistent in checking up on your employees to make sure the program is working.

Check up with your mentors to see how the mentees are doing. Get to know not only the mentors but the mentees as well. It's hard to help someone if you don't know how they work.

Again, everyone learns differently, and these meetings can give you the chance to observe and see what is working with them. Suit their individual needs.

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6. Building a Supply Chain Mentorship Program

Building a proper Supply Chain Mentorship program can help you secure talent that will grow and learn with your company. Just remember that everyone learns differently and create a program that they can flourish in.

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