BUYER (NPI Specialist)

The Buyer will be responsible for developing the supply chain for new products and components from new territories around the world. This will include new Vendor identification and selection, product costs, product quality, and strategic vendor alignment.  

We want to find the person who loves the thrill of the hunt for new vendors around the world. Sometimes for products you’ve seen a thousand times before. Often for components you’ve never heard of from places you’ve never been to.  

In addition to the Strategic component a daily focus will be required on tactical North American transactions.  

Outstanding Requirements that will ensure you’re short-listed! 

  • You have experience with Electrical, Electronic, Metal and supplementary components 
  • You’re entrepreneurial so you’re driven to find answers to the questions before you’re asked.  
  • Strong negotiating skills, ability to sustain relationships. 
  • You’re good at business. You help make products at a lower cost than we sell them at.  
  • How can you demonstrate your ability for Intense collaboration? 
  • You’re less methodical and more multi-tasking.  
  • You think fast. You move fast. We’re not after a hamster on a wheel – the chosen candidate should take pride in delivering on promises and the successful execution of the strategies.  
  • Ideally from a purchasing background with experience of working in China and other world markets.  
  • You can read and interpret technical drawings. You can envision how parts will fit together.  
  • Ability to assess unclear, complex, and ambiguous situations with minimal support and reduce such information into distinct, clear, timely, and stable direction for the program team 
  • You can use an ERP system. You know that Cloud based systems are just as good as SAP.  
  • 3D models, 2D drawings, PDF’s, Sketch-up – all these are part of your daily language.  
  • Experience taking product through the certification process such as CSA, ABS, DNV, CE or UL.  

Key Responsibilities: 

  • Source, identify, and develop new worldwide vendors and arrange for new product samples based on urgency, product type, location, ability, cost, and quality are key factors.  
  • Understand the aim of each of the multitude of products in various stages of development and cooperate on the procurement strategy on each sub-component.
  • You can find vendors in Guatemala if necessary. Or Cambodia. Or Langley. Wherever the components or products are available with High quality, planned Availability, world class manufacturability and low Cost. 
  • Negotiates with vendors, identifies risks and recommends changes to contractual language and oversees contract execution. 
  • Effectively manage and monitor program(s) through development of robust plans, schedules, change control, and risk/opportunity closure to meet budgets. 
  • Process validation & verification; ensure the vendors product meets requirements and specifications before they ship by using appropriate Quality documentation. 
  • Provide reports on all problems/opportunities that occur in your area of responsibility and include corrective actions and recommendation plans to support the continuous Improvement process. 
  • In conjunction with other stakeholders, develop, review and monitor: KPI’s, QA and Control Plans: Work in parallel with the designers to ensure design is optimized for manufacturing. 
  • You ask questions to learn more, you help others succeed; you follow-up and follow-through to help make the company successful.  

Required Qualifications: 

  • Effective project management skills, including associated tools and techniques. 
  • Required 3+ years’ experience in Purchasing or Supply Chain management. 
  • You have experience bringing in products from every corner of the world. Even if you use an Uber from Florida to get it done on time. 
  • Written and/or verbal communication in Cantonese and/or other international languages.  
  • Formulas, algorithms and math is another language you can speak with some fluency.  
  • Excel is one of your second languages.  
  • Good working knowledge Quality assurance standards, tools, SPC and QMS systems.  
  • Sound understanding of international logistics. 
  • Demonstrate how to go about discovering new vendors in disparate countries.  
  • Prioritizes key issues and takes quick appropriate action with minimal support to resolve prior to program impact.